Healthy eating during holiday season? Happy Holidays

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Healthy eating during holiday season? Happy Holidays

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Are you going to attempt the idea of healthy eating during the holiday season? I don’t think so! Your Aunt Polly may want to kick you off the dinner table!


Dec 24, … Dec 25, … Dec 31, … Jan 1 …. fill up on as many pound cakes as you wish. 2 weeks of binging is not going to kill you! Don’t stress if you cannot stay on the healthy eating plan …. Jan 2 is not too far away for New Years resolution and get back on the health and fitness wagon.

You go home to your mom’s for the festive holiday season. Then your Aunt Polly comes over and dishes you mountain loads of her favourite meat pies, servings after servings of chocolate mousse, pound cakes. Then your uncle comes over to you with a large can of Stiegl Bier …. there goes your healthy eating plans for the holiday season! Don’t Stress! 2 weeks of not limiting calories won’t kill you. Maybe your body needs to feel how it feels like to load on carbs.

You probably will increase your cortisol levels if you try to stick to your healthy eating plans.

However, you do want to avoid processed food:

  1. Soda pop, sugary diet juices,
  2. Chips, pretzels,
  3. Fast food
  4. Canned foods i.e. canned soup, processed pizza,


The foods items are laden with manufactured trans-fat, artificial flavour enhancers, sugar especially high fructose corn syrup (HFCS),

Your aunt’s meat pie, your mom’s oxtail stew, your dad’s barbeque meat are most nutrient dense and gives you more satiety. High carbs or not, they are no artificial flavouring, no HFCS, no colouring, no artificial trans-fat. It’s real food. Although it is not your exact idea of healthy eating plan, the home cooked meals may not be too far from your healthy eating plans.

In between meals, take a leisurely stroll around the block or into the woods and connect with nature. Calm down the nerves from everyday lives during the holiday season. Before you know it, it’s Jan 2 and then the craziness of life starts again.

Enjoy and appreciate, reflect life. After all, this is what living healthy lives is all about. Good quality healthy lives.


Happy Holidays! See you in 2016


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