Why you can lose weight on chocolate candy bar diet?

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Why you can lose weight on chocolate candy bar diet?

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Why you can lose weight on chocolate bar diet alone?

“Yes, …but, I don’t recommend it…. Prof. Mark Taub’s Twinkie diet experiment proved it can be done (for weight loss)….” ~ Miranda Burrell




According to Miranda Burrell, “If you have the willpower to limit the amount of chocolate candy you eat, yes, then you can lose weight on the chocolate diet alone. But, I don’t recommend it.  Chocolate candy bar lacks the necessary nutrients that we need.”


Miranda’s weight loss journey


Miranda is a mother of 2 boys and she is a weight loss success story. When her 13-year marriage ended, she decided to tackle her physical health. Then, she tipped the weigh scale at 215 lbs.

She started by making small changes in her lifestyle. She became more active and started to exercise more –  mostly walking more at first, then went to the gym to exercise, going to yoga classes and began to eat healthier.

After participating in the weight loss program for mothers offered through a TV show, she lost 30 lbs in 4 months. As her physical health improved, so did her mental and emotional health.

Miranda Burrell – weight loss success story: http://www.personaltrainertoronto.com/personal-trainer-toronto/trainer-profile/miranda-burrell-weight-loss-success/>> read about her weight loss journey.

Control your Portions

Portion control was a big one!” when  asked about how much she ate while on her weight loss plan. “I started using a smaller plate,” she added. The smaller plate helped Miranda limit her food portions. It made the servings appear bigger although it is less.

Prof. Mark Taub’s Twinkie diet experiment proved that portion control is one of the biggest elements of any successful weight loss plan.” she said.

Prof.  Haub is a professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University. He conducted a 10-week experiment (http://www.kansas.com/news/local/article36718608.html) in which he ate one sugary Twinkie roll every three hours, in place of meals for 10 weeks.  Restricting himself to only under 1800 calories daily, he lost 27 lbs at week #10. His body mass index (BMI) dropped from unhealthy 28.8 to normal 24.9, and he weighed 178 lbs.

Educate yourself on food portion awareness!  

If you reduce 500 calories a day, in 7 days you’ll burn off 1 pound of fat! 

It sounds simple! Or is it?

According to Miranda Burrell, “…you need to have a plan to lose weight….”

Weight loss is calorie deficit – calories burnt (out) is more than calories consumed (in).

Calories are energy contain in food that you eat. Your body needs calories (energy) to keep functioning. Your body uses energy so your heart beats, breathe, digest food, moves hormones within your body, keeps your brain activities going, etc.

If you perform any physical activity, your body will burn more calories.  When you eat fewer calories than your body needs, you will lose weight. By restricting the calories, you are forcing your body to draw energy from the fat stored in your body.

For example: if your body burns 2500 calories daily and you limit food intake to 2000 calories, your caloric deficit is 500 calories each day. So, the caloric deficit in a week: 500 calories x 7 days = 3500 calories – that’s equivalent  to 1 lb. of fat.


Miranda’s top 7 tips to help you to lose weight

1) Eat protein, fats and veggies

Our diet don’t have enough of veggies. Balanced the intake of protein, fats, with more vegetables.  Eat a variety of multi-coloured vegetables. Vegetables are sources of vitamins, minerals, plentiful in antioxidants, fibre. Vegetables have lower calories but will keep you feeling full longer with the addition of fibre – good for gut bacteria.

2) More whole grain diet

Eliminate white starchy food such as bread, pasta, rice….”more yams vs potatoes.” Whole grain takes a longer time to digest than processed white starchy foods. So, calories from whole grains are released  much slower into your body.

Well-balanced meals should include a meat, whole grains, fish, eggs, milk, nuts. fruits. Any foods that originated, grown or raised from the earth are healthier.  Nature has already preplanned your nutritional intake. They are the source of all the necessary nutrients that your body needs: sugar/carbs, fats, protein, minerals, vitamins, water.

3) Eliminate alcohol

Alcohol adds calories to your diet.

4) Eat smaller portions but eat more often

Eat enough calories to fuel your body for about 2-3 hours. Feeding yourself too much in one seating will cause the body to store additional calories as fat.

5) Stay close to people who supports your efforts to lose weight

Social and emotional positive reinforcements are important. Stay around people who encourages you. Stay with people who has good eating habits, and enjoys being active. In Miranda’s case, being on the Marilyn Denis TV show helps a lot.

6) Workout, diet plan in daily routine structure

Having a structured diet plan, exercise regimen, that is customized to your lifestyle helps.  The structured routine will help track your progress and keeps you focused.

7) When you’re ready, try to fit into smaller clothes

Seeing yourself successfully fit into smaller sized clothes will motivate you to stay on course towards your weight loss goals.  These small successes are crucial in keeping you on course!

Check out more weight loss tips >> http://www.personaltrainertoronto.com/services/fitness-training/in-home-personal-training/fat-burner/fat-burner/#lose-body-fat-fast-tips << for more effective ways to lose weight.

The key to successful weight loss is limit portion sizes, increase physical activity level. Gradual progressions to healthy lifestyle changes are easier to maintain. Any drastic changes towards healthy lifestyle habits including diet habits will only served to back fire on your weight loss goals.   Like the saying goes: Rome wasn’t built in one day.”

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