Personal Trainer Etobicoke – In-home personal training

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Personal Trainer Etobicoke – In-home personal training

Personal Trainer Toronto offers in home personal training in Etobicoke. Our personal trainers will bring the workout to clients in Etobicoke neighborhoods. The neighbourhoods are Kingsway, Humber Valley Village; just to name a few.

We want to remove excuses and not put the blame on the fact that, “I don’t have a personal trainer near me” or “I don’t have a gym near me”. Well! Our personal trainer is right outside your door; rain or shine!

Aside from that, having a personal trainer come to you is convenient, no commuting time to the gym. You will be working out in the privacy of your own home. Schedule flexibility, and one to one attention from our personal trainer are the other benefits.



Personal Trainer Etobicoke – outdoor fitness training

Personal training in Etobicoke has the added benefit of working out in natural environment. Creeks flow through several Etobicoke neighbourhoods. The Humber River flows along the eastern border of Etobicoke to Lake Ontario. The Etobicoke Creek flows through Centennial Park and Mimico Creek flows through Humber Bay Park.

There are many exercise possibilities when working out outdoors. It is more challenging to negotiate uneven park terrain than just running on the treadmill.

Many studies have shown that exercising outdoors not only has physical benefits. Fitness training in Etobicoke, especially around creeks gives you mental boosts. It reduces anxiety, decreased confusion, anger, depression and tension. You will find it easier to workout while soaking up the sunlight. Just make sure you are willing to get some dirt on your shoes and arm yourself with enthusiasm.

Our personalized training programs are suitable for outdoor fitness training in the park.

Personal Trainer Etobicoke – indoor personal training

For indoor home fitness training, a wide variety of exercises will help you to achieve your fitness goals.  Personal Trainer Etobicoke can create safe and effective fitness training programs for home workouts.

Our personal trainers in Etobicoke can coach you how to exercise with little or no gym equipment. There are many body weight resistance exercises. Performing plank exercise on Swiss ball is great for building core stability strength. Otherwise, you can put on a pair boxing gloves and let the target mitts have it!


Personal Trainer Etobicoke – trainers’ bio


Froilan Saria is a certified personal trainer and gourmet raw food chef. He is dedicated to helping his clients lead healthy and active lives. Through good quality nutrition and physical activity he can clients get healthier and better quality of life.

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Tomasz-Holubiczko-Personal-Trainer-Etobicoke-profile-pic-miniTomasz is a Level 3 Master Trainer and a certified sports nutritionist. He has helped many achieved clients to achieve their weight loss goals.  He provides in-home personal training in downtown Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga neighbourhoods.

Pictured below is one of Tomasz’s clients who have seen significant body shape changes.

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.... Kin also provides a wide range of fun and creative activities to keep my interest and introduce me to various forms of strength and cardio training. I have been able to significantly improve my strength, flexibility and confidence through training with Kin. ..... We would highly recommend Kin's personal training and stretching services to anyone looking to improve their health, strength and flexibility. He is a joy to work with.

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