Personal Trainer Toronto-Downtown location

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Personal Trainer Toronto-Downtown location


The section of Personal Trainer Toronto – downtown studio. This is how it looks like inside. It’s not much of a boutique gym rather it’s equipped with  workout equipment in a space a little bigger than most house living room or basement gym.


Personal Trainer Toronto-downtown

Personal Trainer Toronto-downtown location is situated at the south-east corner of Spadina Avenue and Richmond Street West on the 2nd floor. Our address is 141 Spadina Avenue, Unit 205, Toronto, Ontario. We are located in the heart of the Entertainment District in Toronto.  Don’t be surprised when you see office suites inside.  We are inside one of the office suites!

Dubbed the condo capital of the world – downtown Toronto has seen a major boom in the number of condominiums. Most of the condos are built with gyms in the building. Personal Trainer Toronto-downtown trainers provide in-condo or in-home personal training to clients at the gyms in the condo that they live in.


In the evenings, the Personal Trainer Toronto-downtown studio holds kickboxing group classes and martial arts kung fu group classes. The kickboxing and the kung fu classes are a great alternative for anyone who do not want to spend a lot of money on personal training.



Plates sets from 2.5 lbs to 45 lbs. Kettlebells set from 6kg, 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 20kg, 36kg.


Benefits of physical fitness training



Physical fitness training has many benefits.  By participating in physical fitness program helps you to:

  • lose weight – lose unhealthy fat. Reduce the risks of the big Four chronic diseases – cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease i.e. heart attacks and strokes, lung diseases.
  • increase muscle tone
  • increase muscular strength
  • decrease joint pain
  • relief stress –  stress can cause weight gain
  • improve mood
  • less absenteeism


Personal Trainer Toronto reviews from satisfied clients


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Personal Trainer Toronto-downtown personal trainers:


Tomasz-Holubiczko-Personal-Trainer-Etobicoke-profile-pic-miniTom Holubiczko is a Level 3 Master Trainer. He has helped several of his clients to lose weight and live healthier lives. One of his clients  before and after picture is shown below.  More…


Personal trainer-Toronto-Tom-Holubiczko-client-before-after-pic

One of Tom’s clients who has seen results from his personal training program. Reduced waistline, more muscle tone, feeling better and more energetic.




Froilan Saria is a raw food chef and certified personal trainer. His approach to healthy living is having good quality nutrition and being physically active. More…





Jennifer Fowler - trainer photo

Jennifer Fowler is our Personal Training Fitness Manager. She is a certified personal trainer and had helped many of our clients reach their health and fitness goals. She is a bikini competitor – female bodybuilder.  More….




The key to healthy living is to make lifestyle changes. Changing habits can be difficult. Set small realistic goals towards healthy living. We are here to support and motivate you.


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Client Testimonials

.... Kin also provides a wide range of fun and creative activities to keep my interest and introduce me to various forms of strength and cardio training. I have been able to significantly improve my strength, flexibility and confidence through training with Kin. ..... We would highly recommend Kin's personal training and stretching services to anyone looking to improve their health, strength and flexibility. He is a joy to work with.

Wafaa Hasan, Ph.D & Dr. Omar Dessouki (Orthopaedic Surgeon) Toronto, ON

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