Miranda Burrell – Weight loss success story

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Miranda Burrell – Weight loss success story

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Miranda with her son

Miranda Burrell is truly a weight loss success story. She is currently a certified trainer and a competitive kickboxing athlete and also a mother to 2 soon-to-be teenage boys.


Update: Miranda has recently received her certification in Aquafit instruction. Congratulations Miranda!



Weight loss journey …

After ending her 13-year marriage, Miranda decided to tackle her physical health. She started walking more, going to the gym, yoga and began eating healthier. She made small gradual lifestyle changes so that it doesn’t overwhelm her and potentially backfire on her efforts.

Coincidentally, a member of CTV’s the Marilyn Dennis Show approached her to participate in “Mommy Weight Loss” healthy makeover program that was aired on the TV.

During that time, she worked with a personal trainer, a nutritionist, and a life coach. Through the program, she lost 30lbs. in 4 months!  Not only did she lose her unhealthy weight, she gained her emotional and mental health.

Healthy nutrition, proper portion control and regular exercise are the most important things in healthy weight loss program.

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Before and After

Pictures of Miranda Burrell’s appearance in the Marilyn Denis Show’s “Mommy Weight Loss” show.



New venture, new activity – kickboxing and loving it!

After accomplishing this she realized that her self-esteem and self-confidence rose. With the positive attitude and new found motivation, Miranda returned to school to pursue her university degree. In 2015, she graduated from from York University with an honours degree in Sociology.

While attending university, she also took up boxing and kickboxing. She instantly fell in love with the sport.



A kickboxing athlete

Two and half years ago, she began competing in kickboxing competitions. To date, she has earned 10 fights under her belt and lost 70 lbs in total.

She’s enjoying her new found self and wants to motivate others to do the same as what she has achieved.

Through her experiences in her journey battling weight loss, Miranda loves to inspire others to realize the potential they have in themselves through fitness.


Here are some of the exercises that Miranda was and is still doing. These exercises are great for burning off calories, at the same toning muscles ~ they’re great for weight loss.

Turkish Get Up exercise


Turkish Get Up – recruits big muscles of the entire body. So it burns a lot of calories. Great weight loss exercise

Thai Kickboxing Flying Knee

Thai kickboxing-flying-knee-great-weight-loss-exercise

Thai kickboxing flying knee – explosive training – excellent for High-Intensity Inteval Training (HIIT) regimen

Qualifications and Achievements:

  • Certified fitness kickboxing instructor
  • Certified Aquafit instructor
  • CPR certified
  • Muay Thai kickboxing competitor
  • Degree (Hons) in Sociology


Contact Miranda Burrell

Here’s how to contact Miranda Burrell:







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