Mississauga Personal Trainer – Matteo Caputo

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Mississauga Personal Trainer – Matteo Caputo

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Matteo Caputo is our Mississauga personal trainer. He lives in the waterfront community of Port Credit, situated on the southern part of Mississauga. He is a Can-Fit-Pro certified personal trainer.


Matteo Caputo - Mississauga personal trainer


Originally from Montreal, Matteo made a career change from the corporate world to helping people lead healthy lives.

Matteo’s healing journey

In 2003, Matteo became seriously ill.  He was able to heal himself with the help of a naturopathic doctor. At the advice of his naturopathic doctor, he took a self-empowerment weekend workshop. From then, he needed to take action and did something he always wanted: to learn self-defence.

In 2004, he set foot in a martial arts self-defense dojo in Montreal. It was an inspiring for him. Later, he attended the kickboxing classes and began lifting weights on his own. At this point, his health continued to improve. Day by day he felt better and stronger.  He noticed a marked improvement in his cardio.

Not all moments were uplifting. There were days or moments when he felt disappointed or felt that he was not as good as his fellow classmates. That was not enough to make him quit. With patience and perseverance, he got better and was happy with his progress. The choice he made when he first walked into the martial arts dojo was indeed a life-changing experience.


During that time, one of his friends from the martial arts dojo showed him exercises using what he described as “what looked like a bowling ball with a handle” – – a kettlebell.  He quickly became fascinated with the exercises using the kettlebells. He realized working out in the gym or at home is no longer about just doing pushups, sit-ups, bicep curls or just running on a treadmill. There are many creative workout possibilities to challenge the body physically. By now, he has completely recovered and built himself back up to his best fitness level. Seeing the benefits of exercise firsthand, he decided to make it a career teaching people how to exercise safely, effectively and help them to make life altering changes. Six months later, Matteo became a certified Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor Level 1.

As Matteo’s physical fitness training skills and enthusiasm to learn grew, the owners of the martial arts dojo took notice and offered him a job as a fitness trainer and self-defense instructor. He began teaching kickboxing classes, muscle conditioning classes using various apparatus such as medicine balls, strength bands. He also taught the students ways to train with their own bodyweight.


“I want to challenge my clients in a way that inspires them, not discourages them. Workouts should be both fun and geared toward the client’s capabilities. By enabling them to get out of their comfort zone in a progression that they can handle. I care about variety to keep the workouts interesting which is why I use a wide range of exercise tools: Kettlebells, Medicine Ball, Dumbbells, Resistance Bands, TRX, Boxing, Kickboxing, etc.”

This spurred him further to be certified as a personal trainer. Upon certification, Matteo went on further to take fitness trainer positions in other gyms in the city.

Matteo also holds other fitness training certifications including TRX Functional Training. He is also a fitness boxing and kickboxing instructor.

Looking towards the future as Mississauga personal trainer

One arm kettlebell swing-Mississauga personal trainer

“I’m now starting a new chapter of my life having left Montreal to establish myself as a trainer here in Mississauga. I’m very excited about all the new experiences to come and cannot wait to my clients achieve their goals!”

Personal training strong suit: empathy, caring, patience, creative, perseverance

2007    Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor Level 1
2008    Senshido Self Defense System
2011    Can fit Personal Training Specialist
2012    TRX Suspension Training Course
2015    TRX Sports Medicine Suspension Training Course
2015    TRX Functional Training Course


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Matteo can help you achieve your fitness goals. He helps clients in neighbourhoods of Mississauga and Oakville.

Contact Mississauga personal trainer –  Matteo Caputo now to set up a FREE personal training/consultation session.

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Client Testimonials

.... Kin also provides a wide range of fun and creative activities to keep my interest and introduce me to various forms of strength and cardio training. I have been able to significantly improve my strength, flexibility and confidence through training with Kin. ..... We would highly recommend Kin's personal training and stretching services to anyone looking to improve their health, strength and flexibility. He is a joy to work with.

Wafaa Hasan, Ph.D & Dr. Omar Dessouki (Orthopaedic Surgeon) Toronto, ON

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