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Is a personal trainer worth the money?

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A lot of people say a personal trainer is a waste of money. Is a personal trainer worth the money?

If you’re someone who knows how to exercise safely and proper technique, you don’t need a personal trainer.

How a personal fitness trainer benefits you

Exercise with correct form

You know how to do the exercise correctly, you can visualize the technique in your mind. That’s it. You cannot see yourself doing the exercise through the lens of a person looking at you. So, are you physically doing it with the correct form? Having an external imagery of yourself doing exercises will help you to find out if you’re doing them with the correct technique. This is when a personal trainer with a keen eye will make the difference.

Why is the correct form so important? It improves your body leverage and helps you to perform your exercises more effectively. Most importantly, it reduces injury risks.

For example, most people do bent-over dumbbell row exercise incorrectly. Since our shoulder joints are highly mobile, they lack stability. It means that our shoulders are highly susceptible to joint inflammation and later various chronic injuries. The correct technique is to maintain shoulder blade retraction and depression. By doing so, you will maintain maximum shoulder stability while pulling heavy weights.

More on proper DB row exercise technique: and avoid shoulder injuries.


Safety – Reminder cues for the few final reps

Imagine if you’re doing the same dumbbell row exercise and you’re trying to squeeze out the last 2 reps of the final set. You’re are getting fatigue and muscles are burning. Probably, this is when you’re most likely to break from the proper form. Your good personal trainer will see that and repeat the reminder cues to you so you won’t habitually fall back into faulty form.

Not every faulty technique will result in injury. All you need is to be injured once from the many instances of faulty techniques and you could be sidelined from training for a few weeks.  That will definitely put a damper on you aiming for your fitness goals. It’s certainly not good for morale.

Livelihood dependent on body image

Is a personal trainer worth the money-It is to busy actor Eileen Li


If your livelihood depends on maintaining a positive and confident body image, then it is wise not to risk injuring yourself. You don’t want to appear on TV with some unintentional kinky and jagged movements because of the injury sustained. You also don’t want to appear to have a swollen elbow because of a joint inflammation.  So, to ponder upon the question – is a personal trainer worth the money? The answer is pretty clear in this case. It’s best to invest in an experienced and good personal trainer.


Motivation and accountability to your health and wellness (especially for busy people)

For busy people, it is easy to put off working out or going to the gym. Someone who’s busy has to resolve many issues with higher priorities. In most cases, health and wellness are placed at the bottom of to-do lists – will get to it when everything else is resolved. Every time this happens, you’ll say “we’ll try again tomorrow.”  But, tomorrow never comes!

Having a personal trainer who comes to you keeps you accountable.  You have booked an appointment with your trainer you better honour the appointment. Otherwise, you’re sabotaging your own efforts and your own health and fitness goals.

Most likely, you hardly have the time and/or mental space to decided on an effective exercise plan.  A good experienced personal trainer can help you eliminate the guesswork and design effective physical training regimen that gives results.


Prevent occupational related ailments

Your work environment may be sitting all day at your desk.  It may be lean over a chair if you’re a dentist or leaning over the surgery table if you’re a surgeon, etc. The prolong periods of holding on to a fixed posture cause overuse of certain group of muscle and under-use of another group of muscles in your body. The overuse muscles will be stronger and tight while the under-use muscles become weak and lax. Now, your body is structurally not balanced. The many months or years of muscle imbalances can increase the likelihood of joint inflammation and arthritis.

Your personal trainer can design a physical fitness program that counters the effects of the muscle imbalances.


The ills of too much sitting – Why sitting causes lower back pain – learn about the negative health effects of too much sitting.


Is a personal trainer worth the money?

We cannot put a monetary value on health. It’s priceless. So, the question of – is a personal trainer worth the money – The answer is not affirmative for everyone. It is a cost vs. benefits question.


Contact Personal Trainer Toronto today!

Personal Trainer Toronto provides in-home personal training in Toronto and GTA. Our certified personal trainer will come to you to help you achieve health and fitness goals.





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Preventing injury with structural balance fitness program design

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Does your fitness trainer only count reps? No!

Most people will think that fitness trainers are there just to get you off your behind and motivate you to exercise.

However, experienced physical fitness trainers don’t only just do that and don’t only count reps for you. They are there to tell you what exercises to do. They have your best interest in mind. Your health and fitness well-being is your trainer’s success story. If you succeed, they succeed.

How does improper fitness regimen injure you?

The exercise your personal trainer prescribes to you is customized to your physical fitness level and your goals. Their skills and knowledge from their education, internships, experiences are what you paying for. More about pricing rates.

Guys only want to train for big chest, big biceps

If you are a guy, you most likely want to have a big chest, big biceps, get six pack abs.  So, most guys will focus on working out the chest and biceps. In a lot of cases, the training muscles on the back are not emphasized. This is a training regimen that is not balanced – strong in front but weak at the back. It’s a recipe for injuries waiting to happen.

We once had a case of 2 brothers, in their late twenties, maybe their ages are a year apart, so genetically, they are similar.

The older of the 2 brothers enjoyed bodybuilding so he had his shoulders bulked up, big chest muscles, big arms. The younger brother did some meditation, breathing and yoga exercises.  Both of them decided to join kung fu classes offered through our sister company, Bamboo Kung Fu.  One of the kung fu techniques tests your core stability strength. When tested, it turns out that the older brother, who has bigger upper body muscles has weaker core muscles than the younger brother who had done some meditation, breathing and yoga exercises. The older brother’s lower back seemed to buckle under the impact of the strike of a technique.

Females like nicely shaped butt 

If you are a female, while idolizing Kim Kardashian’s well-developed butt, consider improving your core muscles stability strength. If your lower back is weak, you can sustain injury more often than you think and in areas far away from your core or lower back muscles. For several reasons, females are prone to knee injuries. In fact, 8-10 times more common than in men. Read more about it in Workout Plans for Women-2 great tips to workout success

The takeaway here is having big muscles at the upper body or a well-developed butt, doesn’t automatically make you strong in other areas of your body. In this case, it’s  weakness in the core/lower back muscles. So, focusing your training on some body parts and ignore training on other parts of the body constitutes imbalanced training regimen.  So, a well-balanced training program ensures that the entire body gets training and develop physically in a balanced manner – not just strong on upper body but weak at the core.

Long term structural imbalances can hurt you


Back squats – best exercise for weight loss and strength


When the body is structurally imbalanced, the injury risks are high. Your muscles can be very strong in one direction and weak in another angle.  Maybe, you’ll pull your back muscle trying to catch yourself from an accidental fall or perhaps, dislocate a shoulder joint after bumping into the wall – so, you are injury prone – a glass body that breaks at the slightest pressure.

However, you are not alone. There are other elite athletes who have gone through the similar muscular imbalances. What is more common in elite athletes are their stabilizer muscles are usually weak.  While they are pumping up their prime mover muscles via the bench press, squats, deadlifts, etc., their stabilizer muscles are underdeveloped. According to Canadian strength coach, Poliquin, when the stabilizer muscles are weak, ” ….  the body is protecting itself from injury by neurally inhibiting strength gains. ”  This explains the reasons for hitting a plateau in training programs.

Interestingly, Dr. Mel Siff, co-author of Supertraining said, “For many years the Russians and Eastern Europeans have supplemented the training of their competitive athletes with systematic supplementary training in other sports.”

Here some the most common weakness according to Poliquin:

  • weak shoulder external rotators – teres minor and infraspinatus.


In order to increase gains in training performance, we need to address the flaws of fixator or stabilizer muscles. Failure to do so, will most likely result in injury.

For more information, contact Personal Trainer Toronto Now!


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What can a personal trainer do for me

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Before you hire a personal trainer, you may ask “what can a personal trainer do for me?” “Is a personal trainer worth it?”
A personal trainer can provide a lot of benefits for your health and fitness goals. You also need to be prepared to work. The personal trainer will help you along and keep you on track towards your health and  fitness goals.


What can a personal trainer do for me?


At Personal Trainer Toronto, the benefits of working with a personal trainer are:

1) Motivation

A personal trainer can motivate you to exercise. If you have fallen off the fitness wagon, the personal trainer can help get back into working out. He or she will be right beside you helping you to do the extra rep.

If you have already paid a lot of money for a personal trainer, you most likely will want to get the most out of the trainer. It is probably more difficult not to show up for your appointment with your personal training sessions.


2) Correct your technique – minimize injury


Back must be straight, engaged and upright to prevent injury while performing squat with sandbag weight lifted overhead


You can search through the internet, books for various exercise selections. However, the internet, books won’t be standing right beside you to ensure that you are doing the exercise correctly. Doing the exercise consistently with incorrect technique can cause injury. Some of the techniques are small and internal within the body and not visible on images or videos unless you have a trained eye to observe such movements. You definitely cannot see how intensely someone is bracing their core. You can only feel it by touching and feeling the person’s core. Case in point, as shown in the video, can you see how intensely Brian Carroll is contracting his abdominal muscles in the McGill curl ups? By the way, Brian Carroll, who is a great athlete, was receiving technical cues from, world renowned spine biomechanist, Dr. Stuart McGill of University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.


An experienced personal trainer can cue you to engage, for example, your lower back muscles. You may find that you are bracing more than you usually do in a lifting exercise. As a result, you are able to possibly lift additional 2 reps in your exercise. You will probably feel some of your muscles are working harder, but you can control the movement far better without having a bad feeling that you are going to get injured.

This may be a newly discovered revelation for you and you crave to apply it in every facet of your lives, or possibly in your routine morning run and found that you are able to shave off another 2 seconds from your run.

Now that’s motivating!

Personal Trainer Toronto’s trainers consider injury prevention as top priority. If you are unable to perform the exercises correctly and safely, we will coach and cue to perform the exercises with good form. We may have to lower the resistance or intensity level while learning the exercises. Injury must be avoided at all cost!


3) Modify exercise

If you have some physical limitation due various reasons, a personal trainer can modify the exercises for you to target the same muscle group.


incline-dumb-bell-chest-press-and-push-ups trains same muscle groups-chest-shoulders-triceps

Incline dumbbell chest press (1) vs. push ups (2) – both exercises train chest muscles, shoulders and tricep muscles. Pus-ups targets core muscles than chest presses


For example, a lot of people feel pressure on their wrists when doing pushups on a hard level surface. The personal trainer can prescribe another exercise that targets the same muscle groups. Pushups train chest, shoulders, triceps. Another exercise that trains the same muscles is the dumbbell chest press. The personal trainer then will prescribe an exercise to resolve the wrist issue.


4) Correct muscle imbalances

The personal trainer’s understanding of human anatomy can help you to correct muscle imbalances. We should prevent muscle imbalances in our body.

In our consultation, one of our clients was asked to stand upright and look straight ahead. Until it was pointed out to him, he did not realize that his body was skewing a little to the left. He also indicated that he is injury prone, usually in his ankle. His skewed posture compromised his movement mechanics, hence the injury prone.

You don’t want to have muscle imbalances. Muscle imbalances in the legs can cause pain in knees, the ones that a runner experiences. Muscle imbalances in the shoulders can result in shoulder impingement, a numbing pain when the nerves are pinched. The type pain that a lot of weightlifters experience if not properly trained. Long term imbalances in joints can cause early onset of arthritis.

A personal trainer’s trained eye can spot issues in your body’s structural balance or movement pattern. The personal trainer can then design a workout program to counteract the imbalances.


5) Challenge you just enough

The best personal trainers are the trainers who know how much to challenge you in your workout program. He or she will push you to the right level of intensity; not too easy that the program is not effective but not too intense that you can get injured.

If you are working out yourself, you most likely will stop the exercise after feeling slight discomfort. With the trainer beside you in every personal training session, he or she will push you harder than you would push yourself. Then, the workout program is effective and the personal trainer is worth your investment.


6) Customize workout program

A good personal trainer will customize a workout program according to your fitness level and physical limitation. As we have said earlier, he or she can also personalize the workout program if you have some limitation or need to correct muscle imbalances.


7) Add variety to training program

A good personal trainer will change up the exercise selection and change the workout program from strength building phase to more explosive strength focus program, then to more cardio endurance program like HIIT (high intensity interval training) program.

Adding variety to the training program, keeps the body guessing and challenges the body more. The body conditioning is not only limited to one type of training program. Sometimes, on a good sunny spring or fall weather, your personal trainer can take the training outdoors.

Variety is the spice of life. This will keep your interest level up.


8) Saves time

Good personal trainer saves you time. Personal trainers are health professionals who are trained to prescribe the correct and most effective workout plans according to your goals.

Your time is valuable. The personal trainer can save you from the hassles of the guesswork and your time and effort trial and erroring different exercises. Not to mention, the risk of injury is greater.

Your time is more effectively used for someone more important to you or more focus on pushing towards success in your career.


9) Source of training tips, information on healthy living

Personal trainers are constantly learning and upgrading their knowledge. Most good personal trainers have a general understanding on the mechanism of fat loss, insulin resistance, cancer, free radicals, anti-oxidants, muscle building, the importance of sleep, rest, stress levels, nutrition.

Quite a number of personal trainers are athletes, have been or are still involved in competitive sports, martial artists, boxers, wrestlers, etc. They can draw from their experiences in their training to pass on to you.

At Personal Trainer Toronto, our personal trainers have been on elite level competition stages. From the provincial level bikini competitor (female bodybuilding), professional hockey player, Olympic judo coach and an international competitor in martial arts. Some of our personal trainers are also practicing physiotherapist while some are pursuing careers in doctorate level research in human physiology.



Are you asking “What can a personal trainer do for me?”
Working out with personal trainer has a lot of benefits. A personal trainer can personalize workout plans according to your fitness goals. Apart from providing motivation, your personal trainer will ensure that you avoid the pitfalls of injuries due to improper technique, muscle imbalances, over exertion during exercise. Good personal trainers can save you time and change up your workout plans to better challenge your body and keep your interest level up.


Toronto in home personal training contact info

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1) Incline dumbbell chest press image by Stephanie Young Merzel, available online:


2) Pushups image by Port of San Diego, available online:


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Fat Burner Training-Lose Weight and Gain Muscle

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Fat Burner Training – Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle



We all know that carrying excessive amount of body fat is unhealthy. The safe and healthy approach to lose weight is through proper nutrition and regular exercise regimen.


Body types
Skinny fat
Balance stress and hormone, diet, workout
Cortisol – stress hormone
Cortisol and exercise
Cortisol and overeating
Cortisol and insulin resistance
Food portion awareness and control
Too Much Sugar
Sugar, refined carbs and insulin resistance
Everyone has fat cells
Can glucose (sugar) convert to fat?
Fat burner needs water
Tips on how to lose body fat fast
Fat Burner program
Good Quality Sleep

Body fat reduction can be frustrating for some people. People who are busy, with high stress, low physical activity lifestyles may find reducing body fat challenging. Other factors are age, gender, body types especially those who are genetically predisposed to accumulate fat easily.


Body types

The human body is generally classified into 3 main body types: mesomorph, endomorph, and ectomorph. Genetic blueprint determines the physical appearances of the body.


: typically gifted with athletic build features. The characteristics of mesomorphs are hard, rugged, rectangular, well-developed muscles, good posture. Mesomorphs gain muscle mass easily.


: usually have rounded body features, thick, and short limbs. Endomorphs accumulate fat easily with very little or no muscle definition.


: thin, flat chested, light build with small joints and lean muscle. Ectomorphs usually have long thin, slender limbs with stringy muscles. Their fast metabolism makes it hard for them to gain muscle mass.


Skinny “Fat”

(“MONW” – metabolically obese normal weight)

Believe it or not, even skinny individuals who neglect their health can gain high enough body fat percentage that is unhealthy.  The most dangerous fat is the “metabolically active” intra-abdominal or visceral fat. Visceral fat sits between organs and produces substances that increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. However, it is easier to burn off visceral fat than subcutaneous fat with dieting and physical exercise. Subcutaneous fat is the layer of fat underneath the skin.


Balancing stress & hormones (a.k.a. life), diet, workout

Obesity is generally the result of overeating and lack of physical activity. The excess calories from food intake are stored as fat. Restrict calories intake through dieting, burn off more calories with exercise to lose fat. Easier said than done!  With the constant stress in our busy lifestyles, even the most easily “muscular-ed” mesomorph (the muscular built type) can get fat.

The abundance of high sugar content and carbs in our North American diet makes it more challenging for all of us to keep our weight in check. So, the million dollar questions are

what are the ways to lose weight?

how to lose body fat fast?

what is the best fat burning workout?


Here’s the spoiler, there is no fast way to lose fat. It is dependent upon your level of physical fitness,  body type, and lifestyle. The easier way to lose body fat is through managing stress (or cortisol), diet and be physically active. You may need to take gradual steps to change habits so that your body fat reduction plan is successful.  The plan should be suitable for your lifestyle.


Cortisol – stress hormone

What is cortisol? Cortisol is a “stress” hormone released from the adrenal glands. It is a hormone that is very important for our survival from threats. When threatened, the body releases high concentrations of cortisol to cause the release of body’s sugar and fat stores to meet the demands of stress.  When the threat is no longer present, cortisol levels return to baseline again. Short term cortisol increase is healthy but not when cortisol levels are chronically elevated.


Cortisol and exercise

The physical stress from working out elevates cortisol levels. Cortisol together with other hormones i.e. growth hormone and adrenaline increase fat burning.  At this time, insulin levels are at a minimum which is an ideal environment for fat burning.  So, it is a good idea to keep exercise sessions to an hour in order to maintain optimum cortisol levels. Extended durations of elevated cortisol has fat storage properties.


Cortisol and overeating



Cortisol affects a part of the brain function in an area called the hypothalamus.  The hormones from the hypothalamus regulate the body’s temperature, thirst, hunger, sleep, mood, sex drive, and signal the release of other hormones within the body. After a meal, the hypothalamus produces hormones to signal the feeling of fullness and satiety. However, when cortisol is chronically elevated in the body, it irritates the hypothalamus. So, the hypothalamus becomes de-sensitize and the signaling system response is impaired. You will become dissatisfied after meals and tend to overeat even more so when stressed.


Cortisol and Insulin Resistance

Cortisol causes insulin resistance. Cortisol and insulin block each others action by decreasing the sensitivity of each others receptors.


It is imperative to normalize cortisol levels in order to beat emotional eating. That means reducing stress and getting good quality sleep. Some stress relieving activities are dancing to the beat of your favourite music, spending leisure time with family, massage, stretching based activity i.e. vinyasa yoga (more yin-based yoga), laughter, time with pets, leisure walking in the park or beach, sauna, hot baths, meditation, be social, do something fun or something you enjoy like hobbies. Don’t discount physical affection with the significant other.


Food Portion Awareness and Control

You walk into your neighbourhood coffee shop and ask for normal morning coffee and muffin for breakfast. Little did you know, if you had ordered the same coffee and muffin 20 years ago, the portion size most likely had been smaller. Twenty  years ago, the muffin weighed 2.1 oz. with 210 calories compared to muffin today which weighs 4 oz. with up to 500 calories.


Overeating is prevalent in our society. Food portion today is much greater than the portion of 20 years ago. What is perceived as the normal serving size or the right amount of food today was over portioned 20 years ago. Our food portion paradigm has shifted or been distorted.


Another reason people overeat is probably the savoury taste of food. Artificial flavour enhancers added to processed foods and fast foods make them more palatable and preferred. A lot the fast food items have processed carbs content, from the white hamburger buns, the breading of the fried chicken, french fries. Similarly, people usually choose soft drinks or milkshakes over water because of the extreme sweet taste of the added enormous content of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) which is in the beverage. What about dessert, what about the sugar and carb content in the apple pie or ice cream?

Sugar and refined carbs are comfort food. They feed the brain and produces serotonin, natural mood booster so sugar can be addictive!

If you grew up with the calories-packed fast foods and high sugar content beverage culture, you may need to wean your taste buds in little baby steps and learn to accept the taste of Brussel sprouts, spinach, broccoli. Perhaps add some cheese, spices, mildly hot pepper to the nutrient-dense food choices. Maybe, add honey as sweetener to your unsweetened ice tea.


Too Much Sugar

Overeating is not the only bad thing. Consuming excessive amounts of high sugary foods and refined carbs has a damaging effect on the body’s insulin balance and increases fat storage.

What is surprising is what you consider as healthy, granola bars, instant oatmeal, some fruit juices contain high amount of added sugar.

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada recommended average Canadians who consume 2000 calories daily should only have about 48 grams of sugar (12 teaspoons). A can of pop contains 85% of daily sugar limit.

If you want to lose weight, your sugar intake should be less than the recommended amount.

Latest update – Oct 2016 : Cancer cells feed on sugar to grow.  Reducing sugar intake will help to slow down cancer growth and in some cases eliminate it entirely.



Sugar, Refined Carbs and Insulin Resistance

How do sugar and carbs cause insulin resistance?

When we eat food the body’s pancreas releases insulin to store nutrients. The nutrients are carbs, fats, protein, vitamins, minerals, water. When insulin level is high, glucose is stored as glycogen in the liver, and muscles while fat metabolism is inhibited.

Insulin, itself, does not convert nutrients into storage form. Insulin is like a salesperson who knocks on the doors of the cells convincing the cells to let glucose be stored away in the cells’ “house” as glycogen.

Everything is fine, we have calorie supply that matches calorie demand. The problem becomes an issue when calorie supply exceeds calorie demand. As obesity researcher, Stephan Guyenet, stated, “…. just as chronic energy excess is toxic to a whole person, it is toxic to the cell. ….

When the cells’ glycogen storage sites are full, the excess glucose converts to fat to be stored away, again inside the cell … (In the muscle cells the stored fat is known as intra-myocellular lipids) ~ ~ Whew!!  As the cells’ internal storage sites become full, they will have to turn away more insulin and more glucose that want to come in. So, the cells now become insulin resistant. The cells are basically saying, “ I have too much calorie packs, I have no space to store them!


Everyone has fat cells

This phenomenon is not only happening in cells of muscle tissue but also happens to fat tissues.  The technical term for fat tissue is adipose tissue and it is made up of fat cells.  We are born with a pre-determined number of fat cells. Each fat cell can grow to 6 times its original size. The more fat droplets it stores the bigger it gets. When all the fat cells reach their maximum size, the body will create new fat cells to avail itself for more fat storage.


As the skeletal muscle cells resist insulin the body will have to store the glucose somewhere but not in the blood stream.  Having chronic high blood glucose is dangerous. Anyone who is diabetic will let you know how bad it can get. So, the body will have to remove the glucose from the blood stream and store it away somewhere or convert it into inert or less toxic form.

Heightened blood glucose levels continue to signal the pancreas to release more insulin hormone. Unknown to the pancreas, it pumps out more insulin to get glucose off the bloodstream.  Irrespective of how much insulin hormone is present, the cells are still resistant to insulin.


Can glucose (sugar) convert to fat? Yes, it can. 

After a long period of secreting insulin, and continuous feeding of high amounts of glucose, the pancreas’ insulin production machinery becomes fatigue. Now, the insulin production capacity is negatively affected.  Since glucose is not allowed into cells because the cells are insulin-resistant, and the pancreas insulin production is compromised, the body has to convert it fat.  So as more fat droplets are stored in the fat cells and they grow bigger. As the fat cells increase in size they too become more insulin resistant.

Upon exhausting all avenues of removing glucose from the bloodstream, a person is considered diabetic if the blood glucose reading is 126 ml/dL.

Once the body calls for energy (especially calories expenditure through exercise), the stored glycogen and fat convert to energy. As the energy stores become depleted, the cells will begin to accept the energy packs of glycogen and fat again. This restores insulin sensitivity.


Fat burner needs water

Two-thirds of the human body is made up of water. Water helps regulate body temperature, helps with blood flow. With good blood flow, the nutrients and waste material are easily transported to muscles and organs and the brain.

Water also suppresses appetite and carbs cravings. Since muscles are mostly water, hydration promotes muscle growth. Having more muscle means higher metabolism, more fat burners.

Fat burning fact: the body needs water in its chemical reaction to convert fat (triglycerides) to free fatty acids. Free fatty acids, the usable form of energy sources are then delivered into cells to be converted into energy.

Therefore, water is vital in the fat burner processes in the body.


Tips on how to lose body fat fast:

1) Use smaller serving plates:

You eat more food if you get food served to you on bigger dinner plates. Use smaller luncheon plates, the plate looks more full and you tend to eat less.


2) Eat at slower rate

If you eat at a slower rate, your stomach will have more time to communicate the feeling of satiety and fullness to your brain before you overeat. Chew your food and enjoy taste of the food. Then you will eat less.


3) Low carb high protein, high fat diet
Reduce carbohydrates, eat more protein, and good fats. Carbohydrates are quick sources energy. The body can burn off calories derived from carbohydrates faster than from fat or protein. Naturally, the body will choose the easier source of energy, which is from carbohydrates.

The body operates on continuum basis. As the body exhaust the carbohydrate energy stores, the next alternative choice is either to harness calories from fat or protein. When carbohydrates become available more again, it will dial itself back to burning more carbs, burn less fat.

Everyone has different inclination towards carbohydrates-fat metabolism. Everyone has different fat burning capacity, some can burn fat easier than others. Low carb diet will affect those who has lower fat burning inclinations. They will feel lethargic, moody, lacking in attention span.

Vary the amount of carbohydrates intake until you find an amount that you feel comfortable with. Then, train your body’s fat burning machinery to burn more fat by gradually dialing down carb content in your diet.


Dietitian consultation available:

If you have a pre-existing medical condition and with a doctor’s note, our Registered Dietitian is available for consultation.

Dietitian’s consultation fees are extra, which are usually covered under workplace insurance benefits.

Personal Trainer Toronto’s dietitian can help determine the optimum amount of carbs, fat, protein in your diet plan. An effective nutrition and workout plan are the key features of the Fat Burner program to help you to lose fat effectively.

Please click here to go to contact page.



4) Eat complex carbswhole grain foods, fruits, vegetables.
Carbohydrates (including sugar) in most natural form prevent blood sugar spikes. Natural complex carbs metabolism goes through several extra steps before it can be broken down into its simple, usable form, glucose.

Additional benefit, fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants. Some examples of natural complex carbs are, oats, unprocessed wheat, brown rice, vegetables, fruits.


5) Time your carbs intake

You should also consume carbs about 10 – 15 mins after your workout to replenish the empty glycogen stores in the muscles and liver. This provides an environment of low stress for muscle building because the fed energy system is not stressed for energy. Some immediate post-workout replenishment sources are peanut butter sandwich, chocolate milk, bananas, healthy home-made cookies (no trans fat), or good quality protein drink. Make sure you have enough protein during your next meal after your workout.


6) Avoid simple sugars, soda pop, processed white flour pastries

The sugar, including fructose or high fructose corn syrup, is a high calorie food that causes high blood sugar spikes and promotes fat accumulation in the body. Fructose which is present in sugar and fruits is directly converted into fat, uric acid and free radicals in the liver. Excessive amounts fructose over long term can damage the liver, artery walls, cell structures.


7) Fat is Good, if it is omega-3 fat

Sources of omega-3 fats are cold water fish like salmon, shellfish, nuts and seeds like walnuts, flaxseeds, avocado. Omega 3 fat improves insulin sensitivity, has protective effect against heart diseases, cancer. It is anti-inflammatory, helps improve brain functions, better nervous system transmission, improve cellular structure for better gene expression

Avoid manufactured trans fat – eliminate fast foods, no margarine, commercial baked pastries. They increase heart attack risks.

Trans fat is also found naturally in meat, milk, and butter in small amounts. However, the trans fat found naturally in foods does not increase your risk of heart disease.


8) Increase protein

Protein is the building blocks of muscles, tendons, ligaments. So, having adequate amount of protein preserve muscle mass, hence, maintaining higher metabolism. From the fat loss perspective, protein metabolism requires more calories expenditure. Protein increases insulin sensitivity which is important in any shred fat gain muscle plans.
Protein metabolism creates acid and oxidative stress in the body. In addition to feeding on protein, eating recommended portions of fruits, vegetables and legumes are recommended.  Vegetables, fruits, legumes are rich in anti-oxidants. The anti-oxidants can balance the oxidative stress from protein metabolism.


9) Fibre (fiber) in your diet is good

Fibre is calorie free and it helps you to feel full longer so, you will eat less. Having fibre in your diet is good for gastrointestinal health and healthy bowel movement.


10) Exercise regularly
You can lose weight just by making changes in your diet alone. However, without any exercise (however, it needs to be the correct type of exercise), you will not build muscle. Muscle needs energy to sustain itself. The more muscles you have, the more energy is needed to sustain the muscles. When you are sitting down, sleeping, reading, your body will burn more calories in comparison to someone who has higher body fat percentage. By having more muscles, you have higher metabolism.


Many research studies have proven that exercise improves insulin sensitivity and metabolic flexibility. A good variety mix of weight training, cardio training restore the function of the insulin system.


Fat Burner program – Customized workout plan to shred fat gain muscle


At Personal Trainer Toronto, the Fat Burner program is customizable in home personal training program that helps you to build muscle and lose fat fast. Each training session is an hour long.



Weight training, build muscles, burn fat with HIIT

It is a program which involves a combination of weight training to build strength and muscles, high-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT will increase fat loss after the workout session when your body is repairing the muscles, the post-workout afterburn.


Train big muscle groups for maximum fat burn

The program works on teaching you various exercise which includes learning basic weight training exercises, interval training exercises, functional training protocols. All exercises will focus on training the big muscle groups to result in maximum calories burn.

Exercises will target the muscles in legs, buttocks, abdomen, lower back, upper back, chest. Some of the exercises will include lunges, various squats, deadlift, various chest presses, rows, chin ups, lat pulls, dips, core training i.e. back extensions, Russian twist, various kettlebell training.


Safety and Technique for Effectiveness

The program teaches you proper training technique to prevent injury and maximize effectiveness of the training. It is a program that customizable to novice, not so novice, intermediate trainees alike. The personal trainers at Personal Trainer Toronto will provide motivation to keep you engaged in your training.


On with your journey to lose fat and better health

Together with the knowledge of hormone balancing, nutrition, the Fat Burner will prove to be an effective program. The program length – 12 weeks, 3 – 4 sessions per week.


The journey towards leaner body does not stop after the Fat Burner program is over. The aim of the program is to give you the necessary tools and knowledge to help get started in your effort to lose fat.


If you want to continue to have our personal trainers train you please click here to contact us

 Our personal trainers can provide in-home personal training.  The benefits of in home personal training are convenience, privacy and you get complete attention of the personal trainer.


Good Quality Sleep

Sleep! Good quality sleep is essential for the body to rejuvenate. The body repairs tissues, replenishes energy stores, reinstate balance to hormonal system, build muscles while you are sleeping.



Finally, losing fat and maintain a healthy weight requires a holistic approach. Adequate nutrition is dependent upon your activity level. Undernourishment can cause muscle loss while overeating will push the body towards fat storage mode.

Finding your balance in good quality diet, managing stress levels (which will affect hormone levels), exercise and relaxation i.e. sleep are the important factors in leading a healthy and high quality of life.


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In-Home Personal Training

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What is In-Home Personal Training

In home personal training is when a personal trainer comes to your home to train you. Besides enthusiasm, you will need enough indoor space and some light and portable equipment.



4 benefits of in-home personal training


1. Equipment needs: little or easy to transport equipment

In home personal training programs usually involves little equipment or bodyweight as resistance. Examples of equipment are workout harnesses like the TRX harness, boxing gloves and pads, Swiss exercise ball, jump rope or skipping rope, agility ladder.

If the personal trainer is a martial artist, a boxer or a wrestler, he or she will be able to prescribe a lot bodyweight exercises.

Today’s modern condos have more than enough fitness equipment to get you in shape.

If you live in a house and have already set up your home gym with equipment, then you are ready to get yourself to your health and fitness goals.

In home personal training is your nearest gym. It is right at your doorstep.


2. Convenience

The main reason for having personal training at home is convenience. Having a personal trainer come right to your doorstep saves you commuting time to the gym. You don’t need to carry additional bag of make-up accessories, gym clothing, and shoes.

for mother’s of young children:
Mothers of young children feel more comfortable working out with a personal trainer at home. They can focus on working out with their children within reach.

In-home personal training offers convenience which allows busy professionals, mothers, entrepreneurs, executives to maintain health and fitness routines.


3. Schedule flexibility

Another major advantage of in-home personal training is schedule flexibility. An in home personal trainer can train you early in the morning before you get to work or late at night when all the kids have gone to bed. Having a personal trainer work around your schedule allows you to maintain your fitness level even though you are busy.


4. Privacy

If your are self-conscious, you will appreciate the privacy of personal training at home.  You may feel uncomfortable working out in a commercial gym. You may feel intimidated watching other people pumping big dumbbells while you are lifting tiny ones.

You can also discuss personal issues with your personal trainer in the privacy of your home.  As oppose to commercial gyms, in home personal trainer can remove the issue of privacy for personal training.

In home personal training removes the easy excuses for not getting back into working out.


Personal Trainer Toronto – In-Home Personal Training Toronto – Contact Now!

Save that precious hour or more of your time without wasting it on commuting. Call In home or in condo Personal Trainer Toronto. We will come to you!


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What does a personal trainer do?

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A Personal Trainer is a professional who is an expert in fitness, human anatomy, various training approaches.

What does a personal trainer do?

He or she helps clients to achieve fitness goals. The fitness goal can be losing a specific amount of weight.  A personal trainer can help you to increase core strength or to improve your weekend hockey game or get better muscle tone for the beach,  etc.

How does a personal trainer do that? He or she will:

Motivate you to work out

One of the most important jobs that a personal trainer can do for you is to provide motivation. Having an appointment with your personal trainer forces you to get off your behind and get to work out with your trainer.

Personal trainers have a vast knowledge of different exercises, training approaches or protocols. Some personal trainers have extra knowledge from their experiences in competitive sports. A personal trainer can change the training program to make it more interesting. Adding variety in the exercise program, keeps it fresh and makes fitness training fun and interesting.

Coach you proper exercise form


Back must be straight, engaged and upright to prevent injury while performing squat with sandbag weight lifted overhead

A personal trainer teaches you how to exercise correctly. He or she is knowledgeable in human anatomy. He or she teaches you correct exercise body mechanics so that the exercise is safe and effective. While you are doing your exercises, the personal trainer ensures that you keep the correct form so that you won’t get injured.

Give you customized personal training programs

The personal trainer creates a training regimen for you. He or she tailors the program to you. If you have just started working out, the personal trainer will prescribe exercises that are less intense. If you have type 2 diabetes, the personal trainer will prescribe training to help you to lose weight. If you are looking to gain an edge in your game or obstacle race (e.g. Tough Mudder, Spartan Race), the trainer will design training programs to help you achieve your goals.

A correctly customized personal training program will always challenge you. It shouldn’t be too hard that it is not achievable. A training program that is too challenging can also cause injury. Yet, a program that is too easy will not give you results.

Thus, the personal trainer’s role in getting you to your fitness goals is worth every bit of your investment.



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Wedding Fitness Plan – Look better on your Wedding day

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3 more months to the wedding. You want to look good in your wedding gown, you want your skin to glow. You want to look picture perfect in your chosen wedding gown which may be strapless top or backless. For some, this may mean losing a few pounds and tone up muscles so you look better in your gown. Those of us who are not genetically gifted to fit into the wedding body type, we know that it is time to trim down some flab to make way for toned muscles. However, in the midst of wedding planning, working at your day job, you don’t have the motivation and time to plan a workout in your schedule. Personal Trainer Toronto has helped many brides-to-be achieve their fitness goals through the Wedding Fitness Plan.


wedding fitness plan-bride showing toned upper back


Wedding Fitness Plan

Wedding Fitness Plan is a customized in-home personal training fitness program of 8 weeks, or 10 weeks or 12 weeks program with 3 training sessions weekly.  The program is personalized to your wedding fitness goals.  The workout program will include weight training exercises that will help you improve your muscle tone, lose fat at the same time improve your core stability strength.  The fitness training also helps you beat the stress from organizing wedding plans.


Show off your healthy toned body, glowing skin complexion on your wedding day. 


Wedding Fitness Plan reviews


Our satisfied clients said:

Pre Wedding Workout

I worked out with Kin from Personal Trainer Toronto for 11 sessions before my wedding – My goal was to feel great and look toned for the big day. It was fantastic– I have a very busy work schedule that involves a lot of working late and working weekends. Kin completely worked around my schedule and met me at my condo gym in the mornings . We worked out for an hour, twice a week. Every workout was interesting, new and challenging. I noticed an improvement with every session and I never dreaded getting up in the morning to meet with him.

By the end of it I felt stronger and more confident. Kin is a fantastic personal trainer. He pushes you without being pushy and is incredibly knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Personal Trainer Toronto.

Heather Lloyd Toronto, Ontario April 26, 2015


Read more Reviews


The program is offered to clients who are located in downtown Toronto, North York, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan.


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Obstacle Race

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Obstacle Race Toronto

Obstacle race challenges are popular summer challenge events in Toronto.  You may be asked to participate in obstacle races for team building at your workplace. If you plan to participate in events like Tough Mudder or Spartan Race, they can be extremely grueling if you are not physically prepared for the challenge.  Personal Trainer Toronto’s obstacle race training program can help prepare you physically for the obstacle challenges.

Obstacle race challenges are designed for army special forces. They are extremely physically and mentally challenging.  They  are challenging because you are constantly switching gears. Each obstacle has different physical challenge – running, jumping, crawling under, wading through mud pools, trekking through uneven terrain, climbing over 8 or 12-foot wall, etc.  Mentally, you are challenged to endure through the circuit while  being drenched in wet mud or maybe falling face down.

In order to comply with law to ensure safety to participants, you are allowed to skip or  bypass the obstacles.  Then,  you will not enjoy the experience of the challenge.

In order to prepare for the mud obstacle races, if you are not physically fit, it is best to consider physical training.

Obstacle Race Personal Training with Personal Trainer Toronto

You can hire a personal trainer to help you get in shape for the races or marathons. Our trainers at Personal Trainer Toronto will specifically design  a structured obstacle challenge training program for you to achieve your physical conditioning goals. Don’t forget, our in home personal training service will come to your location.

Top 4 reasons for personalized physical conditioning training for obstacle races

1) Physically Fit so it’s Fun 

You want to be physically capable so that you can perform and conquer the challenges and have fun doing it. You don’t want to be  completely wiped out while going through the obstacles. While running, for each step you are able to spring a little further forward, you will reach the finish line faster.

2) Team Success

You want to be able to perform so that your entire team is successful. If you are part of a corporate team, you do not want to be the weakest link. The dynamic at work may get uncomfortable when you return to the office on Monday.

3) Prevent Injury

If your body is strong, you minimize injury risks. Your body is more capable of handling the unexpected unevenness of  the terrain if you are physically stronger and avoid injury.

4) Safe & Effective

Personalized training is safe and effective. Personal trainers are certified and are knowledgeable in human anatomy and body mechanics of various exercise routines. They will design programs with exercise routines, intensity level to challenge you appropriate to your fitness level. Good quality personal trainers will provide instructions and  gradually and safely improve your physical condition to your intended fitness goal.

Our obstacle race training programs are structured in 10-session, 20-session, 30 session, 50-session packages. We recommend consistently training 3 sessions weekly to see positive results.

Try us out on your first FREE trial before committing to training with us.

Contact Personal Trainer Toronto today to start preparing for the obstacle race.


Tel: 416-412-3930

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Personal Training-what is it?

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What is personal training?

Personal training is physical fitness training provided by a personal trainer. In personal training, one trainer will work with only one trainee.



Personal training program enhances a person’s components of fitness. The training program improves cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, body composition.

What is cardiovascular endurance? Cardiovascular endurance is the ability of the heart, lungs and blood vessels to supply oxygen to muscles.

Body composition is the ratio of fat tissue to lean muscle. The lower percentage body fat, the healthier is the body.

Source: American Council on Exercise (ACE) –

A personal trainer personalizes workout plans, according to the client’s fitness goals. He or she designs the workout plans so that it is not too hard to achieve. He or she must consider the fitness level of the trainee or client. The trainer will then coach the client, according to the plans. Effective workout plans will improve the client’s fitness level to his or her fitness goals. The plan should not hurt or injure the trainee.

Personal training is not for everyone. The cost of a personal trainer is expensive. It is an investment to an individual’s health and well-being so that he or she can lead a healthy and high quality of life. It is ideal for anyone who wants to improve his or her posture, get better muscle tone, self-confidence, etc. Body image is important in some career jobs e.g. PR jobs, sales positions, modeling, acting jobs.

It is also beneficial for anyone who wants to maximize the usage of his or her time. He or she may find that prescribing exercises are best left to fitness professionals. Some may find that it is more effective and saves time by having a personal trainer provide the workout plans.

One of the common reasons for personal training is motivation and accountability. Having to answer to his or her personal trainer is more effective way to be accountable for one’s health.

A personal trainer can train his or her client at any location. He or she can train clients at a gym, at the client’s home or condo or private office or at personal training studios. On a nice sunny day, one can have personal training sessions outdoors or just about anywhere with enough space. Space must have good fresh air circulation and the right temperature conditions.


A personal trainer can usually select exercises that require only bodyweight or portable equipment. A creative personal trainer can design effective exercise plans with little or no equipment.

Video: Personal training – what is it?


For more personal training information, please contact Personal Trainer Toronto.
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.... Kin also provides a wide range of fun and creative activities to keep my interest and introduce me to various forms of strength and cardio training. I have been able to significantly improve my strength, flexibility and confidence through training with Kin. ..... We would highly recommend Kin's personal training and stretching services to anyone looking to improve their health, strength and flexibility. He is a joy to work with.

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