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Is a personal trainer worth the money?

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A lot of people say a personal trainer is a waste of money. Is a personal trainer worth the money?

If you’re someone who knows how to exercise safely and proper technique, you don’t need a personal trainer.

How a personal fitness trainer benefits you

Exercise with correct form

You know how to do the exercise correctly, you can visualize the technique in your mind. That’s it. You cannot see yourself doing the exercise through the lens of a person looking at you. So, are you physically doing it with the correct form? Having an external imagery of yourself doing exercises will help you to find out if you’re doing them with the correct technique. This is when a personal trainer with a keen eye will make the difference.

Why is the correct form so important? It improves your body leverage and helps you to perform your exercises more effectively. Most importantly, it reduces injury risks.

For example, most people do bent-over dumbbell row exercise incorrectly. Since our shoulder joints are highly mobile, they lack stability. It means that our shoulders are highly susceptible to joint inflammation and later various chronic injuries. The correct technique is to maintain shoulder blade retraction and depression. By doing so, you will maintain maximum shoulder stability while pulling heavy weights.

More on proper DB row exercise technique: and avoid shoulder injuries.


Safety – Reminder cues for the few final reps

Imagine if you’re doing the same dumbbell row exercise and you’re trying to squeeze out the last 2 reps of the final set. You’re are getting fatigue and muscles are burning. Probably, this is when you’re most likely to break from the proper form. Your good personal trainer will see that and repeat the reminder cues to you so you won’t habitually fall back into faulty form.

Not every faulty technique will result in injury. All you need is to be injured once from the many instances of faulty techniques and you could be sidelined from training for a few weeks.  That will definitely put a damper on you aiming for your fitness goals. It’s certainly not good for morale.

Livelihood dependent on body image

Is a personal trainer worth the money-It is to busy actor Eileen Li


If your livelihood depends on maintaining a positive and confident body image, then it is wise not to risk injuring yourself. You don’t want to appear on TV with some unintentional kinky and jagged movements because of the injury sustained. You also don’t want to appear to have a swollen elbow because of a joint inflammation.  So, to ponder upon the question – is a personal trainer worth the money? The answer is pretty clear in this case. It’s best to invest in an experienced and good personal trainer.


Motivation and accountability to your health and wellness (especially for busy people)

For busy people, it is easy to put off working out or going to the gym. Someone who’s busy has to resolve many issues with higher priorities. In most cases, health and wellness are placed at the bottom of to-do lists – will get to it when everything else is resolved. Every time this happens, you’ll say “we’ll try again tomorrow.”  But, tomorrow never comes!

Having a personal trainer who comes to you keeps you accountable.  You have booked an appointment with your trainer you better honour the appointment. Otherwise, you’re sabotaging your own efforts and your own health and fitness goals.

Most likely, you hardly have the time and/or mental space to decided on an effective exercise plan.  A good experienced personal trainer can help you eliminate the guesswork and design effective physical training regimen that gives results.


Prevent occupational related ailments

Your work environment may be sitting all day at your desk.  It may be lean over a chair if you’re a dentist or leaning over the surgery table if you’re a surgeon, etc. The prolong periods of holding on to a fixed posture cause overuse of certain group of muscle and under-use of another group of muscles in your body. The overuse muscles will be stronger and tight while the under-use muscles become weak and lax. Now, your body is structurally not balanced. The many months or years of muscle imbalances can increase the likelihood of joint inflammation and arthritis.

Your personal trainer can design a physical fitness program that counters the effects of the muscle imbalances.


The ills of too much sitting – Why sitting causes lower back pain – learn about the negative health effects of too much sitting.


Is a personal trainer worth the money?

We cannot put a monetary value on health. It’s priceless. So, the question of – is a personal trainer worth the money – The answer is not affirmative for everyone. It is a cost vs. benefits question.


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What can a personal trainer do for me

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Before you hire a personal trainer, you may ask “what can a personal trainer do for me?” “Is a personal trainer worth it?”
A personal trainer can provide a lot of benefits for your health and fitness goals. You also need to be prepared to work. The personal trainer will help you along and keep you on track towards your health and  fitness goals.


What can a personal trainer do for me?


At Personal Trainer Toronto, the benefits of working with a personal trainer are:

1) Motivation

A personal trainer can motivate you to exercise. If you have fallen off the fitness wagon, the personal trainer can help get back into working out. He or she will be right beside you helping you to do the extra rep.

If you have already paid a lot of money for a personal trainer, you most likely will want to get the most out of the trainer. It is probably more difficult not to show up for your appointment with your personal training sessions.


2) Correct your technique – minimize injury


Back must be straight, engaged and upright to prevent injury while performing squat with sandbag weight lifted overhead


You can search through the internet, books for various exercise selections. However, the internet, books won’t be standing right beside you to ensure that you are doing the exercise correctly. Doing the exercise consistently with incorrect technique can cause injury. Some of the techniques are small and internal within the body and not visible on images or videos unless you have a trained eye to observe such movements. You definitely cannot see how intensely someone is bracing their core. You can only feel it by touching and feeling the person’s core. Case in point, as shown in the video, can you see how intensely Brian Carroll is contracting his abdominal muscles in the McGill curl ups? By the way, Brian Carroll, who is a great athlete, was receiving technical cues from, world renowned spine biomechanist, Dr. Stuart McGill of University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.


An experienced personal trainer can cue you to engage, for example, your lower back muscles. You may find that you are bracing more than you usually do in a lifting exercise. As a result, you are able to possibly lift additional 2 reps in your exercise. You will probably feel some of your muscles are working harder, but you can control the movement far better without having a bad feeling that you are going to get injured.

This may be a newly discovered revelation for you and you crave to apply it in every facet of your lives, or possibly in your routine morning run and found that you are able to shave off another 2 seconds from your run.

Now that’s motivating!

Personal Trainer Toronto’s trainers consider injury prevention as top priority. If you are unable to perform the exercises correctly and safely, we will coach and cue to perform the exercises with good form. We may have to lower the resistance or intensity level while learning the exercises. Injury must be avoided at all cost!


3) Modify exercise

If you have some physical limitation due various reasons, a personal trainer can modify the exercises for you to target the same muscle group.


incline-dumb-bell-chest-press-and-push-ups trains same muscle groups-chest-shoulders-triceps

Incline dumbbell chest press (1) vs. push ups (2) – both exercises train chest muscles, shoulders and tricep muscles. Pus-ups targets core muscles than chest presses


For example, a lot of people feel pressure on their wrists when doing pushups on a hard level surface. The personal trainer can prescribe another exercise that targets the same muscle groups. Pushups train chest, shoulders, triceps. Another exercise that trains the same muscles is the dumbbell chest press. The personal trainer then will prescribe an exercise to resolve the wrist issue.


4) Correct muscle imbalances

The personal trainer’s understanding of human anatomy can help you to correct muscle imbalances. We should prevent muscle imbalances in our body.

In our consultation, one of our clients was asked to stand upright and look straight ahead. Until it was pointed out to him, he did not realize that his body was skewing a little to the left. He also indicated that he is injury prone, usually in his ankle. His skewed posture compromised his movement mechanics, hence the injury prone.

You don’t want to have muscle imbalances. Muscle imbalances in the legs can cause pain in knees, the ones that a runner experiences. Muscle imbalances in the shoulders can result in shoulder impingement, a numbing pain when the nerves are pinched. The type pain that a lot of weightlifters experience if not properly trained. Long term imbalances in joints can cause early onset of arthritis.

A personal trainer’s trained eye can spot issues in your body’s structural balance or movement pattern. The personal trainer can then design a workout program to counteract the imbalances.


5) Challenge you just enough

The best personal trainers are the trainers who know how much to challenge you in your workout program. He or she will push you to the right level of intensity; not too easy that the program is not effective but not too intense that you can get injured.

If you are working out yourself, you most likely will stop the exercise after feeling slight discomfort. With the trainer beside you in every personal training session, he or she will push you harder than you would push yourself. Then, the workout program is effective and the personal trainer is worth your investment.


6) Customize workout program

A good personal trainer will customize a workout program according to your fitness level and physical limitation. As we have said earlier, he or she can also personalize the workout program if you have some limitation or need to correct muscle imbalances.


7) Add variety to training program

A good personal trainer will change up the exercise selection and change the workout program from strength building phase to more explosive strength focus program, then to more cardio endurance program like HIIT (high intensity interval training) program.

Adding variety to the training program, keeps the body guessing and challenges the body more. The body conditioning is not only limited to one type of training program. Sometimes, on a good sunny spring or fall weather, your personal trainer can take the training outdoors.

Variety is the spice of life. This will keep your interest level up.


8) Saves time

Good personal trainer saves you time. Personal trainers are health professionals who are trained to prescribe the correct and most effective workout plans according to your goals.

Your time is valuable. The personal trainer can save you from the hassles of the guesswork and your time and effort trial and erroring different exercises. Not to mention, the risk of injury is greater.

Your time is more effectively used for someone more important to you or more focus on pushing towards success in your career.


9) Source of training tips, information on healthy living

Personal trainers are constantly learning and upgrading their knowledge. Most good personal trainers have a general understanding on the mechanism of fat loss, insulin resistance, cancer, free radicals, anti-oxidants, muscle building, the importance of sleep, rest, stress levels, nutrition.

Quite a number of personal trainers are athletes, have been or are still involved in competitive sports, martial artists, boxers, wrestlers, etc. They can draw from their experiences in their training to pass on to you.

At Personal Trainer Toronto, our personal trainers have been on elite level competition stages. From the provincial level bikini competitor (female bodybuilding), professional hockey player, Olympic judo coach and an international competitor in martial arts. Some of our personal trainers are also practicing physiotherapist while some are pursuing careers in doctorate level research in human physiology.



Are you asking “What can a personal trainer do for me?”
Working out with personal trainer has a lot of benefits. A personal trainer can personalize workout plans according to your fitness goals. Apart from providing motivation, your personal trainer will ensure that you avoid the pitfalls of injuries due to improper technique, muscle imbalances, over exertion during exercise. Good personal trainers can save you time and change up your workout plans to better challenge your body and keep your interest level up.


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1) Incline dumbbell chest press image by Stephanie Young Merzel, available online:


2) Pushups image by Port of San Diego, available online:


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What does a personal trainer do?

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A Personal Trainer is a professional who is an expert in fitness, human anatomy, various training approaches.

What does a personal trainer do?

He or she helps clients to achieve fitness goals. The fitness goal can be losing a specific amount of weight.  A personal trainer can help you to increase core strength or to improve your weekend hockey game or get better muscle tone for the beach,  etc.

How does a personal trainer do that? He or she will:

Motivate you to work out

One of the most important jobs that a personal trainer can do for you is to provide motivation. Having an appointment with your personal trainer forces you to get off your behind and get to work out with your trainer.

Personal trainers have a vast knowledge of different exercises, training approaches or protocols. Some personal trainers have extra knowledge from their experiences in competitive sports. A personal trainer can change the training program to make it more interesting. Adding variety in the exercise program, keeps it fresh and makes fitness training fun and interesting.

Coach you proper exercise form


Back must be straight, engaged and upright to prevent injury while performing squat with sandbag weight lifted overhead

A personal trainer teaches you how to exercise correctly. He or she is knowledgeable in human anatomy. He or she teaches you correct exercise body mechanics so that the exercise is safe and effective. While you are doing your exercises, the personal trainer ensures that you keep the correct form so that you won’t get injured.

Give you customized personal training programs

The personal trainer creates a training regimen for you. He or she tailors the program to you. If you have just started working out, the personal trainer will prescribe exercises that are less intense. If you have type 2 diabetes, the personal trainer will prescribe training to help you to lose weight. If you are looking to gain an edge in your game or obstacle race (e.g. Tough Mudder, Spartan Race), the trainer will design training programs to help you achieve your goals.

A correctly customized personal training program will always challenge you. It shouldn’t be too hard that it is not achievable. A training program that is too challenging can also cause injury. Yet, a program that is too easy will not give you results.

Thus, the personal trainer’s role in getting you to your fitness goals is worth every bit of your investment.



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Personal Training-what is it?

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What is personal training?

Personal training is physical fitness training provided by a personal trainer. In personal training, one trainer will work with only one trainee.



Personal training program enhances a person’s components of fitness. The training program improves cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, body composition.

What is cardiovascular endurance? Cardiovascular endurance is the ability of the heart, lungs and blood vessels to supply oxygen to muscles.

Body composition is the ratio of fat tissue to lean muscle. The lower percentage body fat, the healthier is the body.

Source: American Council on Exercise (ACE) –

A personal trainer personalizes workout plans, according to the client’s fitness goals. He or she designs the workout plans so that it is not too hard to achieve. He or she must consider the fitness level of the trainee or client. The trainer will then coach the client, according to the plans. Effective workout plans will improve the client’s fitness level to his or her fitness goals. The plan should not hurt or injure the trainee.

Personal training is not for everyone. The cost of a personal trainer is expensive. It is an investment to an individual’s health and well-being so that he or she can lead a healthy and high quality of life. It is ideal for anyone who wants to improve his or her posture, get better muscle tone, self-confidence, etc. Body image is important in some career jobs e.g. PR jobs, sales positions, modeling, acting jobs.

It is also beneficial for anyone who wants to maximize the usage of his or her time. He or she may find that prescribing exercises are best left to fitness professionals. Some may find that it is more effective and saves time by having a personal trainer provide the workout plans.

One of the common reasons for personal training is motivation and accountability. Having to answer to his or her personal trainer is more effective way to be accountable for one’s health.

A personal trainer can train his or her client at any location. He or she can train clients at a gym, at the client’s home or condo or private office or at personal training studios. On a nice sunny day, one can have personal training sessions outdoors or just about anywhere with enough space. Space must have good fresh air circulation and the right temperature conditions.


A personal trainer can usually select exercises that require only bodyweight or portable equipment. A creative personal trainer can design effective exercise plans with little or no equipment.

Video: Personal training – what is it?


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