Is a personal trainer worth the money?

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Is a personal trainer worth the money?

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A lot of people say a personal trainer is a waste of money. Is a personal trainer worth the money?

If you’re someone who knows how to exercise safely and proper technique, you don’t need a personal trainer.

How a personal fitness trainer benefits you

Exercise with correct form

You know how to do the exercise correctly, you can visualize the technique in your mind. That’s it. You cannot see yourself doing the exercise through the lens of a person looking at you. So, are you physically doing it with the correct form? Having an external imagery of yourself doing exercises will help you to find out if you’re doing them with the correct technique. This is when a personal trainer with a keen eye will make the difference.

Why is the correct form so important? It improves your body leverage and helps you to perform your exercises more effectively. Most importantly, it reduces injury risks.

For example, most people do bent-over dumbbell row exercise incorrectly. Since our shoulder joints are highly mobile, they lack stability. It means that our shoulders are highly susceptible to joint inflammation and later various chronic injuries. The correct technique is to maintain shoulder blade retraction and depression. By doing so, you will maintain maximum shoulder stability while pulling heavy weights.

More on proper DB row exercise technique: and avoid shoulder injuries.


Safety – Reminder cues for the few final reps

Imagine if you’re doing the same dumbbell row exercise and you’re trying to squeeze out the last 2 reps of the final set. You’re are getting fatigue and muscles are burning. Probably, this is when you’re most likely to break from the proper form. Your good personal trainer will see that and repeat the reminder cues to you so you won’t habitually fall back into faulty form.

Not every faulty technique will result in injury. All you need is to be injured once from the many instances of faulty techniques and you could be sidelined from training for a few weeks.  That will definitely put a damper on you aiming for your fitness goals. It’s certainly not good for morale.

Livelihood dependent on body image

Is a personal trainer worth the money-It is to busy actor Eileen Li


If your livelihood depends on maintaining a positive and confident body image, then it is wise not to risk injuring yourself. You don’t want to appear on TV with some unintentional kinky and jagged movements because of the injury sustained. You also don’t want to appear to have a swollen elbow because of a joint inflammation.  So, to ponder upon the question – is a personal trainer worth the money? The answer is pretty clear in this case. It’s best to invest in an experienced and good personal trainer.


Motivation and accountability to your health and wellness (especially for busy people)

For busy people, it is easy to put off working out or going to the gym. Someone who’s busy has to resolve many issues with higher priorities. In most cases, health and wellness are placed at the bottom of to-do lists – will get to it when everything else is resolved. Every time this happens, you’ll say “we’ll try again tomorrow.”  But, tomorrow never comes!

Having a personal trainer who comes to you keeps you accountable.  You have booked an appointment with your trainer you better honour the appointment. Otherwise, you’re sabotaging your own efforts and your own health and fitness goals.

Most likely, you hardly have the time and/or mental space to decided on an effective exercise plan.  A good experienced personal trainer can help you eliminate the guesswork and design effective physical training regimen that gives results.


Prevent occupational related ailments

Your work environment may be sitting all day at your desk.  It may be lean over a chair if you’re a dentist or leaning over the surgery table if you’re a surgeon, etc. The prolong periods of holding on to a fixed posture cause overuse of certain group of muscle and under-use of another group of muscles in your body. The overuse muscles will be stronger and tight while the under-use muscles become weak and lax. Now, your body is structurally not balanced. The many months or years of muscle imbalances can increase the likelihood of joint inflammation and arthritis.

Your personal trainer can design a physical fitness program that counters the effects of the muscle imbalances.


The ills of too much sitting – Why sitting causes lower back pain – learn about the negative health effects of too much sitting.


Is a personal trainer worth the money?

We cannot put a monetary value on health. It’s priceless. So, the question of – is a personal trainer worth the money – The answer is not affirmative for everyone. It is a cost vs. benefits question.


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