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Obstacle Race

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Obstacle Race Toronto

Obstacle race challenges are popular summer challenge events in Toronto.  You may be asked to participate in obstacle races for team building at your workplace. If you plan to participate in events like Tough Mudder or Spartan Race, they can be extremely grueling if you are not physically prepared for the challenge.  Personal Trainer Toronto’s obstacle race training program can help prepare you physically for the obstacle challenges.

Obstacle race challenges are designed for army special forces. They are extremely physically and mentally challenging.  They  are challenging because you are constantly switching gears. Each obstacle has different physical challenge – running, jumping, crawling under, wading through mud pools, trekking through uneven terrain, climbing over 8 or 12-foot wall, etc.  Mentally, you are challenged to endure through the circuit while  being drenched in wet mud or maybe falling face down.

In order to comply with law to ensure safety to participants, you are allowed to skip or  bypass the obstacles.  Then,  you will not enjoy the experience of the challenge.

In order to prepare for the mud obstacle races, if you are not physically fit, it is best to consider physical training.

Obstacle Race Personal Training with Personal Trainer Toronto

You can hire a personal trainer to help you get in shape for the races or marathons. Our trainers at Personal Trainer Toronto will specifically design  a structured obstacle challenge training program for you to achieve your physical conditioning goals. Don’t forget, our in home personal training service will come to your location.

Top 4 reasons for personalized physical conditioning training for obstacle races

1) Physically Fit so it’s Fun 

You want to be physically capable so that you can perform and conquer the challenges and have fun doing it. You don’t want to be  completely wiped out while going through the obstacles. While running, for each step you are able to spring a little further forward, you will reach the finish line faster.

2) Team Success

You want to be able to perform so that your entire team is successful. If you are part of a corporate team, you do not want to be the weakest link. The dynamic at work may get uncomfortable when you return to the office on Monday.

3) Prevent Injury

If your body is strong, you minimize injury risks. Your body is more capable of handling the unexpected unevenness of  the terrain if you are physically stronger and avoid injury.

4) Safe & Effective

Personalized training is safe and effective. Personal trainers are certified and are knowledgeable in human anatomy and body mechanics of various exercise routines. They will design programs with exercise routines, intensity level to challenge you appropriate to your fitness level. Good quality personal trainers will provide instructions and  gradually and safely improve your physical condition to your intended fitness goal.

Our obstacle race training programs are structured in 10-session, 20-session, 30 session, 50-session packages. We recommend consistently training 3 sessions weekly to see positive results.

Try us out on your first FREE trial before committing to training with us.

Contact Personal Trainer Toronto today to start preparing for the obstacle race.

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.... Kin also provides a wide range of fun and creative activities to keep my interest and introduce me to various forms of strength and cardio training. I have been able to significantly improve my strength, flexibility and confidence through training with Kin. ..... We would highly recommend Kin's personal training and stretching services to anyone looking to improve their health, strength and flexibility. He is a joy to work with.

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