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Performance and Health Enhancing Flexibility Program


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Improve your game and day-to-day safety and mobility. Fight the degenerative effects of aging. Feel lighter on your feet. Fascial Stretch Therapy Fit is a revolutionary new way that takes a scientific approach to "stretching", improving your true flexibility. Sessions are available in single or package rates.


Flexibility Training


Train safely with a certified Toronto personal trainer.

All of our personal trainers are certified fitness professionals with vast working knowledge of human body mechanics. Their certification and experience not only assures quality, but guarantees an atmosphere of safe training that allows you to maximize your body's potential without the threat of injury.


Stop wasting your time and money.

Don’t join some expensive gym, that you’ll seldom go toGet in shape, improve your fitness, and boost your self esteem - without the hassle or attitude of the gym environment. Dedicated one-on-one attention in a private environment is the ultimate way to stay focused and achieve your goals without compromise .

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Burn flab fast and get stronger. Personal Trainer Toronto is now offering Hardcore Kickboxing Classes. Find out more here.

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$499 plus HST for 10 sessions package.
Offer expires MAR 31, 2015. Offer available to first time clients only!
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